Charles is president & secretary of The Foundation For Common Good which he, Mark Galvin and Reuben Langdon founded to develop and support projects that allow everyone to thrive in an environmentally bene cial way. Charles works with the foundation to nurture promising projects into investment opportunities, green economic engines that are championed by the team members presented here and others world leaders in deep ecology.


A Los Angeles-based Actor, Filmmaker, Truth Seeker and one of Hollywood and Asia’s most sought-after martial artists and stuntmen. His motion capture stunt work & performances have made it to the big screen in Steven Spielberg’s and Peter Jackson’s, The Adventures of Tintin, and as “Jake Sully” in James Cameron’s Avatar. Reuben set up Just-Cause Productions and recently left to pursue his passion for documentary filmmaking


Mark has distinguished himself throughout his career as a motivator able to initiate cooperation and change. With an early history of entrepreneurial successes in several fields, Mark diversified into the vegan organic foods sector, in turn leading to increased environmental awareness and subsequent career realignment. Previously, Mark co-founded World Preservation Foundation, with Charles to collect and present the most pertinent and compelling scientific studies and reports, clearly showing how animal agriculture (meat, fish and dairy) is not only the leading cause of climate change, biodiversity loss, food and water security, but through adopting a plant-based organic food system all of these urgent issues can be halted and reversed. Whilst World Preservation Foundation is focused on evaluating and presenting the science, they set up Foundation For Common Good to develop grass routes projects that seek to be of greatest service to life that we can.